Thursday, September 9, 2010

Creating a Drill Down Report with SQL Server 2008

In SSRS we can generate drill down reports in very easy way. To create Drill down reports, please follow the following steps.
Step1: Create New Report Project with one Shared DataSource with data query for generating report.
Step1: Create report by taking Table type report as shown bellow
Step3: Now Add Group for product by right clicking on Product Column as shown bellow
Select Add Parent group

Selet Product from Group By DropDown and check Add Group Header, then click OK

The report table looks like this
Step 4: From Row groups > select Product group details (group Details and not group header) > go to Group Properties > select Visibility tab > select Hide > click on Display can be toggled by this group item and select the name of the group then click on OK
Then the  preview the report
Step 5:We can also change the drill down and make it reverse by setting ‘InitialToggleState’ to True and by selecting the group properties (header), visibility tab and click Show


  1. can you present a detailed example not understanding this a beginner..thanks in advance

  2. hi unable to see the images "Select Add Parent group" and "The report table looks like this"

    Please help

  3. i am facing this error plse some body help me

    Warning 1 Abdul_DemoReport11_DynamicParameter: Dataset parameter Abdul_DemoReport11_DynamicParameter cannot be bound to report parameter Abdul_DemoReport11_DynamicParameter because they do not have the same data type. \SSRS Reports\Reports\Abdul_DemoReport11 0 0 Abdul_DemoReport10